Important Insights About Effectively Measuring Your Sales Performance

Managing performance is an integral part of management practices. Knowing where you are and where you want to go in any process is the critical path to success. And when it comes to the sales process, measuring sales performance of your sales personnel gets perennial. Today’s demanding business environment requires you to regularly evaluate your company’s performance. How do you ensure that your sales personnel are doing their bit and in the right direction? How do you ensure that the performance measures of your sales force is aligned with company’s strategic objectives?

In this article, let me break it down to 4 different tips to how the executives can measure the crucial performance of their sales personnel, what measures can be used and what processes and structures could be followed.

Does your sales personnel do proper reporting? To manage the performance you need some facts and figures on which you can react. And you cannot manage what you cannot measure. So get your sales personnel to do proper, routine reporting with whatever tools you use. The best tool that is emerging as the lifeline of sales channels is the Customer Relationship Management Software.

Are you measuring Target vs. Achievement report? Measuring sales target versus achievement report forms the basis of data that your sales personnel put in the system. One of the effective ways to view performance is by viewing the report in pie charts, flow charts and graphs. These graphical reports give you easy access for measuring target versus achievement of each sales representative with specific comparisons to Brands, SKUs, and Geographical Location.

Is the sales team collating data? One more key performance indicator of your sales people is to check through the data they have collected according to the geographies, demographics they are given. If one sales person is uploading data erroneously or insufficiently than the other sales people from the same or other regions, it can be identified on the go and shall call for a discussion and corrective action.

Are you posting your sales personnel of all the updation? It is important that any vital information for your sales personnel is traversed down to them well on time. A proper repository that allows them to download and view all bulletins is crucial in accelerating their performance.

Are you encouraging your staff on high performance? To appreciate your staff performance not only encourages them to raise the performance graph but also motivates them to do daily entries into the sales management software. You can also incentivize your people by monitoring their performance and mapping the same with their expected and actual sales performance.

So we have learnt that it is extremely critical for our business to constantly work towards exceeding sales performance, and to record & track this performance. Sales Management Software can help you achieve and maintain such goals, and many important decisions can be made at the right time and justified using actual sales reports.