The Fundamentals Of Sales Management

The management of a sales team can either make or break an organization. It is product sales that ultimately determine whether the organization makes profits and grows. Sales management is a skill that each person in charge of a sales team must be familiar with if they are to lead their team into a successful sales campaign. Even though there are numerous sales tactics and techniques that have been invented over the years, there are certain fundamentals to the sales management a number of which are listed below.

Define and communicate goals and objectives

If you are to effectively perform effective sales performance management, then you must define and clearly communicate your strategy, sales targets and productivity measures to your sales team. Start with the target sales number you would like to achieve over a given period and then work with your team to develop a strategy on how to achieve it. Then use this to break down the departmental target into individual target depending on each person’s past performance and capability. Doing this ensures that everyone in the team is clear on what is expected of them from the onset.

Exhibit professionalism

In sales management, it is important that respect is accorded to each person in the sales team. By doing so, you will be able to attract respect from the team too and thus be able to effectively manage the team as its leader. Sales personnel will be more open with their limitations to a professional manager than they would to a manager that they perceive as unprofessional. You must be assertive but also remember that being over bearing might not necessarily bring out the best level of productivity from your sales team.With sales management training you must motivate your team and monitor their progress but at the same time encourage them to be self driven. Whenever a problem or dispute arises involving one or more members of the team, take time to listen to all parties involved before providing your feedback; the parties involved might not agree with your final decision but the chances of them accepting it will be better if they feel that they point of view was listened to.At the end f the day, emphasis must be placed on meeting the goals of the sales team and not expending energy on internal conflicts.

Proactive sales performance management

You should take an active role in managing the performance of your team. By being proactive, you can be able to identify any previously unseen hindrances to executing the sales strategy and be able to make the necessary changes to the selling plan in order to further increase productivity.You can also pick out any team member that might be struggling in achieving their targets and if necessary redistribute any target shortfalls to other team members that are on track to meeting their sales targets. Meet with the team on a regular basis so that team members can share market intelligence they might be picking up as they sale and that their colleagues could use to better their sales.